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Positive reinforcement: Advocating for international criminal justice in Africa


SALC is pleased to announce the release of Positive Reinforcement: Advocating for International Criminal Justice in Africa.

It is intended that Positive Reinforcement be a resource, guide and advocacy tool for African civil society working in the field of international criminal law in Africa. It explores the history and development of international criminal law and provides an overview of the current state of the international criminal justice project in Africa. Focusing on the role and potential of African civil society to secure principled support for international criminal law in Africa, at a time when the relationship between Africa and the international criminal justice project may appear to be fractious, Positive Reinforcement demonstrates a number of positive advancements and developments on the continent in this area can be attributed to African civil society.

Positive Reinforcement’s objectives are to provide civil society organisations with an appreciation for international criminal law and the dynamic and varied components of Africa’s relationship with the international criminal justice project. Through a series of case studies Positive Reinforcement explores the challenges that African civil society faces and demonstrates how these have and can be overcome at a national and continental level.

Recognising that that the sustainability of the international criminal justice project depends on the continued involvement and leadership of African civil society, both domestically and regionally, it is hoped that Positive Reinforcement will serve as a catalyst for the development of further national and regional strategies that will see African civil society acting in concert to reverse the tide of impunity for perpetrators of international crimes.

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