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By Nyasa Times

Arraigned gay couple Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were sent by international homosexuality campaigners to taste the resolve of Malawi, Minister of Gender, Women and Children Affairs Patricia Kaliati has professed.

“Those people were sent. And those people who sent them to do that were just tasting waters, they wanted to taste government,” said Kaliati on Capital Radio Straight Talk.

“The evidence is that they are coming out and say ‘release them’. They are hiding behind these poor people. Now Tiwo, Aunt Tiwo (Chimbalanga) is suffering [in prison] and the man here who is also saying is a man is suffering,” the Minister said.

She blasted the international community and the donors for pressing the country to recognize minority rights including the homosexuality.

“To hell with them [donors]. They cannot say we are going to do this. When they were giving us their credentials they didn’t indicate homosexuality in it. If they have it in their countries where they are coming from, let them take these with them,” Kaliati fumed.

“When donors were coming here they didn’t tell us about homosexuality, they didn’t tell us about this and they don’t need to comment about this,” she said.

“If in their countries they don’t have Lhomwe’s and Yao’s can we take them to introduce to them. This is not their country. In spite of that their pumping a lot of money they have got no right to force us what to do,” free-speaking Minister said.

She also blasted men who have sex with fellow men saying God created a woman for a man.

“To hell with those. And why should you go for a fellow man? A man of quality you go by a woman and you touch the breast, you kiss that woman and you do whatever and any entertainment which you feel doing that’s why he [God] created a woman, he created all those areas which you can enjoy.”

The powerful minister vowed that Malawi would not bow down to international pressure to legalise homosexuality.

“We will never recognize that as a country. As a country we would like to see people to engage in marriages as what His Excellency Ngwazi Dr Bingu wa Mutharika did on April 17, 2010 and we congratulate them for that.”

Asked that right campaigners are calling for respect for people on their rights to sexual orientation, Kaliati said she knew many rights campaigners who are involved in social woes.

“Human rights people are the one who are having the brothels in cities,” said Kaliati.  “Yes I know them; after all they are having [sic] a house in Area 12 where they were doing that,”


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