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SALC is working with the Namibia Women’s Health Network and the Legal Assistance Centre to challenge the coerced sterilisation of three HIV-positive women at public hospitals in Namibia. In July 2012, the High Court held that all three women were subjected to coerced sterilisation in violation of their fundamental rights and were thus due compensation. The Court found that there was not adequate evidence to prove that the coerced sterilisation was due to their HIV status. The government appealed the decision and oral arguments were heard on 17 March 2014. The Supreme Court dismissed the government’s appeal on 3 November 2014.

Supreme Court:

Supreme Court judgment
Respondents’ Heads of Argument
Appellant’s Heads of Argument

High Court:

High Court Judgment

News Release
18 November 2009 – Government implicated in involuntary sterilisations of HIV-positive women.
23 October 20029 – Women up in arms against forced sterilisation.
16 October 2009 – Sterilisation case goes to High Court 

SALC in the News
18 March 2010 updated 6 December 2017 – Namibia women face forced sterilization.

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