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Research Reports & Policy Briefs

Strategic litigation and legal advocacy often requires in-depth research to establish the extent of human rights infringements and the most appropriate remedies for such infringements. SALC has produced as number of research reports and policy briefs which guide its litigation and advocacy work.

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SALC Research Report: Accountability and redress for discrimination in healthcare in Botswana, Malawi and Zambia

Southern Africa bears a disproportionate burden of HIV globally and indications are that stigma and discrimination remain high, not only amongst people living with HIV but also amongst those most vulnerable to HIV. Stigma and discrimination violate human rights and are barriers to HIV prevention and treatment. This research report is concerned…
Staff Writer
24 Sep 2016
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Laws and policies affecting transgender persons in Southern Africa

Throughout Africa, transgender persons have to contend with pervasive negative experiences, such as societal stigma and discrimination. Many transgender men and women experience discrimination and harassment in their daily lives – at work, at home, while they are walking on the street, or when they use public facilities such as…
Staff Writer
24 Sep 2016
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SALC Research Report: ‘They should protect us because that is their job’

Throughout the world, sex workers are vulnerable to and experience discrimination, stigma and violence in all spheres of their daily lives – including at work, public institutions, and facilities, and even amongst their families. In many instances, police officials perpetrate violence and abuse against sex workers and target them with…
Staff Writer
24 Sep 2016
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SALC Research Report: No justice for the poor: A preliminary study of enforcement of nuisance-related offences in Blantyre, Malawi

Globally, there has been an increase in the implementation of laws which limit the behaviour, actions and movements of persons in public spaces. This greatly impedes the lives and livelihoods of those living in poverty and further perpetuates discrimination of the poorest and most vulnerable in society. In Malawi, Penal…
Staff Writer
24 Jul 2013
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Positive reinforcement: Advocating for international criminal justice in Africa

Forward by Sanji Mmasenono Monageng, Judge of the International Criminal Court The entry into force of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in 2002 is likely the most significant event in the coming-of-age of international criminal justice. Many have thought this because it established the first ever permanent court tasked…
Staff Writer
24 May 2013
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SALC is pleased to announce the release of Positive Reinforcement: Advocating for International Criminal Justice in Africa. It is intended that Positive Reinforcement be a resource, guide and advocacy tool for African civil society working in the field of international criminal law in Africa. It explores the history and development of international criminal…
Staff Writer
8 May 2013
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All Africa 8 May 2013, There are few more controversial topics in Africa at the moment than the continent’s relationship with the International Criminal Court – as exemplified by the contrasting reactions to the election of Uhuru Kenyatta, who has been indicted by the ICC, as President of Kenya.…
Staff Writer
8 May 2013
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SALC Research Report: Tackling cervical cancer: Improving access to cervical cancer services in Southern Africa

This report seeks to address the barriers to accessing cervical cancer services through providing information on the nature of cervical cancer and identifying the current availability of services for cervical cancer in southern Africa. The report highlights the human rights obligations of southern African governments to effectively address cervical cancer…
Staff Writer
24 Nov 2012
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Closing the impunity gap – Southern Africa’s role in securing justice for the 1994 genocide in Rwanda

The Southern Africa Litigation Centre and REDRESS are pleased to share the Report, Closing the Impunity Gap – Southern Africa’s Role in Securing Justice for the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. The attached Report draws on the outcomes and findings of the Conference “Closing the Impunity Gap: Southern Africa’s Role in Ensuring…
Staff Writer
27 Feb 2012