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Civil Society Organisations Release Joint Statement Against Crackdowns in Freedom of Expression and the Press in Malawi


On 2 May 2022, and in commemoration of World Freedom Press Day, Civil Society Organisations from Malawi released a joint statement expressing their concerns over rising incidents of police surveillance, interception of private conversations, and the crackdown on freedoms of expression and the press in Malawi.

The organisations expressed their deep concern with the rising cases of police surveillance and interception of private conversations of citizens resulting in arbitrary arrests, prosecutions, and convictions. They further stated that these acts are a violation of certain rights under international law but more so under the Constitution of Malawi such as the right to privacy under section 21, the right to freedom of expression under section 35, and the right to freedom of the press under section 36.

The organisations further outlined specific incidents of recent arrests that have occurred since the current government of Malawi came into power in 2020 and asked it to drop all criminal charges that suppress freedom of expression online and offline, especially for those with dissenting views on its governance.

To read the full version of the joint statement, please click here.