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Plain Language Publications


SALC, in conjunction with its local partners, seeks to support communities to assert their rights and to use litigation as a tool to lobby for social change. SALC often produces plain language publications to ensure that the rights affirmed by courts are translated into practice and that court victories lead to change.

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A victory for the right to fair and substantial justice: Recent cases from the Malawi High Court

All persons are entitled to fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right not to be discriminated against, harassed, or abused, and are fully entitled to fair treatment, due process of the law, and to be free from arbitrary arrest and detention. The High Court of Malawi has recently been critical of the way…
Staff Writer
24 Mar 2017
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SALC Guidebook: Using complaints to address healthcare violations

This Guidebook provides information about how healthcare users in Africa can enforce their human right to health by making use of complaint processes, particularly for people who are disproportionately vulnerable to HIV (key populations). The Guidebook gives information for healthcare users about human rights when using healthcare services, and on…
Staff Writer
24 Dec 2016
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The LEGABIBO case: A victory for the right to freedom of association

In March 2016, the Botswana Court of Appeal ruled that the government's refusal to register an LGBT organisation unconstitutional. This ground-breaking case created important precedent on the right to freedom of association, and the right of LGBT persons to advocate for law reform. The court confirmed that human rights are…
Staff Writer
24 Sep 2016