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NPA’S refusal to investigate alleged torture by Zimbabwean police officials

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SALC, together with the Zimbabwe Exiles Forum (ZEF), is urging the High Court of Gauteng to review, declare unlawful and invalid, and set aside the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) refusal to investigate the alleged torture of opposition party members by Zimbabwean police officials.

In March 2008, SALC compiled and submitted a dossier documenting the instances of torture in Zimbabwe and requested that the NPA investigate, with a view to prosecuting, officials responsible for the torture.  Under South Africa’s Implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court Act 27 of 2002, South African authorities have a duty to investigate and prosecute persons accused of committing crimes against humanity.

After numerous delays, the NPA and the Commissioner of South African Police Services declined SALC’s request.  In response, SALC and ZEF approached the High Court of Gauteng with an application to set aside the NPA’s decision.  Founding papers have been filed, and the parties await a hearing date.

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