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Women’s land and Property Rights

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Zambia: Challenging the taking over of customary land and allocation to commercial farmers and the destruction of property and contamination of the environment without consent or compensation

SALC is supporting four residents (Petitioners) of Senior Chief Muchinda in Serenje District of the Central Province of Zambia. In 2015, the Petitioners were approached by an investor and commercial farmer who claimed that he owned the land the Petitioners had resided on and farmed for generations. After the Petitioners…
Staff Writer
5 Apr 2019
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SALC is assisting the Munte Community of Senior Chief Muchinda (the Community) with retaining the land they have occupied and farmed for generations. The Community is challenging the allocation by the local land authority to commercial farmers without consultation or compensation. In 1995, a businessman (1st Respondent) was engaged to…
Staff Writer
6 Feb 2018
MalawiNewsWomen’s Land and Property Rights

News release: Malawi High Court rules in favour of a widow previously dispossessed of her land and grants her a permanent injunction protecting her property rights

On Monday 22 May 2017, the High Court of Malawi, sitting in Mzuzu, dismissed an action brought by the Plaintiff, a daughter to an elite couple, against the Defendant, an 89 year old grandmother. The Court found that the property rights of the disputed land was given to the Defendant’s…
Staff Writer
24 May 2017