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SALC IN THE NEWS: Activists Challenge Attacks on ICC

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21 July, 2016

Angela Mudukuti 19 July 2016 Daily Maverick The international criminal justice project can only be sustained when all the stakeholders play their part – governments, civil society organisations and international bodies, courts and tribunals. Unfortunately some governments refuse to play ball, international courts do not have the requisite support and …» Read More


Botswana: Securing access to HIV treatment for prisoners

7 April, 2015

SALC worked with the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and AIDS (BONELA) to challenge the Botswana government’s policy of refusing HIV treatment to non-citizen prisoners. Citizen prisoners were entitled to free HIV treatment. In addition, the government provided non-citizen prisoners with treatment for opportunistic infections, such as tuberculosis. However, non-citizen …» Read More

19 July, 2016

Mr Basildon Peta, the publisher of the Lesotho Times newspaper, is due to appear in the Maseru Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 19 July 2016. On 5 July 2016, Mr Peta was arrested and charged with criminal defamation and crimen injuria. The charges relate to a satirical article published in the …» Read More


  • Mzuzu High Court ordered that the person who took over the farm of 2 women bring evidence showing that the land was no longer customary land,
  • Mzuzu High Court yesterday vacated an injunction that denied two women the ability to access and use a sugarcane plot for 3 yrs,
  • SALC and Youth Watch Society outside Mzuzu Court yesterday to provide support to women in property grabbing case ,
  • RT : walkout possible, but South Africa will likely wait until Const Court decision. Gov't hasn't made statement- ,
  • RT : | Kaajal R-K from speaks on case on rights, successful use of strategic litig ,

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