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International Human Rights Day: SALC looks back on key developments and challenges in 2016

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16 January, 2017

SALC Submission on the prevention and combatting of hate crimes and hate speech bill is found here.  


Botswana: Securing access to HIV treatment for prisoners

7 April, 2015

0SALC worked with the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and AIDS (BONELA) to challenge the Botswana government’s policy of refusing HIV treatment to non-citizen prisoners. Citizen prisoners were entitled to free HIV treatment. In addition, the government provided non-citizen prisoners with treatment for opportunistic infections, such as tuberculosis. However, non-citizen …» Read More

17 December, 2016

17 December is celebrated as International Day on no Violence against Sex Workers. As the world remembers this day we are reminded of the challenges facing sex workers in all corners in the world. As a sex worker from Zambia reflects, “[t]he police harass us, sleep with us and even …» Read More


  • Court: The question goes to whether the President must give reasons for the decision and to the justiciability of the decision,
  • [2 of 2] Court: If the President is acting in terms of the Constitution - is the power thus statutory (and not prerogative)?,
  • [1of 2] Court: Is it still a prerogative power if that power is incorporated into the Constitution?,
  • Court: Is the President's peregotative power immune from review? Can it be reviewed only on basis of legality or also rationality?,
  • Court: But the Attorney-General has the same information available to him/her as a cabinet member and the AG is a member of the JSC,

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