Tambudzai Gonese-Manjonjo

Lawyer, Equality Cluster lead

Tambudzai Gonese-Manjonjo holds an LLB from the University of Zimbabwe. She has been practicing law in Zimbabwe and has over 13 years of experience litigating and advocating for women’s rights.

She previously worked in the Attorney General’s Office as a prosecutor, and, among others, prosecuted sexual offences and other offences involving violence against women. She has, as a member of the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers’ Association and in private practice, provided legal advice and litigation assistance to indigent women on family law, gender-based violence, succession and in protecting and advancing women’s sexual and reproductive health rights and has represented women charged with Infanticide and Concealment of birth.

She has also instigated and participated in strategic litigation aimed at law reform, including litigation around criminalisation of HIV exposure/transmission and also facilitated and participated in workshops and other advocacy programs for the advancement of women’s rights.”