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Criminalising Freedom Of Expression Closer To An Election

The Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) is deeply concerned by the recent criminal conviction in the Zimbabwe Magistrates Court of Zimbabwean author Tsitsi Dangarembga and her co-accused Julie Barnes for inciting public violence for participating in a peaceful protest. Dangarembga and Barnes were found guilty of contravening section 37(1)(b) of…
Staff Writer
5 Oct 2022
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L’espace civique attaqué ! – Nous sommes aux côtés des peuples du Myanmar et de la Palestine dans leur lutte contre les systèmes d’oppression

"Si vous êtes neutre dans des situations d'injustice, vous avez choisi le camp de l'oppresseur." (Desmond Tutu) Nous, les organisations africaines des droits de l'homme soussignées, condamnons fermement les développements les plus récents restreignant le travail des organisations de la société civile en Palestine et exécutant les activistes au Myanmar.…
Staff Writer
14 Sep 2022
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In March 2022, over 60 LGBTIQ+ activists from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region met in Johannesburg to strengthen regional collaboration and promote strategies that advance the rights and well-being of LGBTIQ+ persons within the Southern Africa region. The convening noted that few SADC Member States had taken any…
Bradley Fortuin
11 Jul 2022
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Journalist a terrorist? How anti-terrorism laws constitute a threat to fundamental human rights in Eswatini

In May 2022, the African Union (AU) held an extraordinary session on Terrorism and Unconstitutional Changes of Governments in Africa in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, resulting in a declaration entitled “robust response, deepening democracy and collective security”.  The declaration condemns and expresses zero-tolerance for all forms of “unconstitutional change of government”.…
Thabo Buthelezi
6 Jul 2022
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South Africa: A safe haven for perpetrators of international crimes?

Mail & Guardian 12 November 2021 Atilla Kisla The Office of the Chief Prosecutor of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (IRMCT) visited Pretoria on 8 and 9 November to meet representatives of the South African departments of home affairs, police, justice and international relations. The IRMCT was mandated by the…
Staff Writer
15 Nov 2021
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An exploratory study of the interaction between the criminal justice system and persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities in Nairobi, Kenya

Access to justice has long seemed elusive for persons with various intellectual or psychosocial disabilities in Kenya. The fear of a child with an intellectual or psychosocial disability growing up and encountering the justice system only never to be heard from again is a frequent topic of discussion amongst caregivers.…
Staff Writer
13 Sep 2021