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SALC is working with Zambia Deaf Youth and Women(ZDYW) in a case challenging the refusal to register a deaf student for tertiary studies. In August 2020, the petitioner, Kasongo Kanfwembe, was refused entrance to enrol at ZICAS University for a degree programme in Computer Network Repair because he is deaf. The reason advanced by the University was that they did not have the facilities to cater for deaf students. He was referred to enrol with the University of Zambia or the Cobberbelt University as they allegedly had facilities to enable the education of deaf persons. However, both institutions did not offer the degree programme the petitioner wanted to enrol in.

The Petitioner filed a challenge at the Zambia High Court, alleging that the refusal to register him and provide necessary reasonable accommodations to enable him to enrol for his chosen course is discriminatory and violates the Constitution and international obligations.

Judgement on the case is reserved for 15 September 2023.