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By 28 Sep 2015Jan 19th, 2023Criminal Justice1 min read

24 September 2015


Botswana’s Ministry of Health has issued a savingram to all relevant departments ordering the dispensary of Anti-Retroviral Therapy-ARV treatment to all foreign inmates, APA learnt here Thursday.The instruction follows a long protracted legal battle between foreign inmates and local human rights bodies against government’s refusal to give foreign prisoners ARV’s.

Botswana Network on Law and HIV/AIDS (BONELA) Director Cindy Kelemi was quoted by Yarona FM as saying they have not received any complaints from foreign inmates of being denied ARV’s since the delivery of judgment in favour of foreign prisoners.

She further said should government not comply; they will take appropriate measures within the necessary legal frame work. The organisation took government to court on behalf of foreign inmates to challenge government’s decision to deny foreign inmates ARVs and the Court of Appeal ruled in their favour.

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