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This manual is a resource for private and public lawyers in southern Africa who are litigating cases in domestic courts challenging laws, policies and practices involving sexual and reproductive rights. The manual focuses on two specific sexual and reproductive rights issues: discrimination in accessing sexual and reproductive health services; and failures in obtaining informed consent in the context of sexual and reproductive health services. The manual may also assist civil society organisations seeking to use litigation as part of their advocacy strategy in promoting and protecting the rights of women, particularly women with disabilities and women living with HIV, to access sexual and reproductive health services.


Download the full version of the report here.

Chapter by chapter

Chapter-1: Background
Chapter-2: Utilising International, Regional and Comparative Law in Domestic Courts
Chapter-3: Relevant International Law
Chapter-4: Relevant Regional Law
Chapter-5: Relevant Comparative Law
Chapter-6: Justifications for Violations of Sexual and Reproductive Self-determination and Discrimination
Chapter-7: Useful Online Resources

Download the ARABIC Translation of the manual here
Download the SPANISH Translation of  the manual here.


Lawyers and civil society organisations can contact SALC at to request a hard copy of the English Translation of the manual. The Arabic and Spanish versions are only available in soft copy.

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