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Media Advisory: Botswana High Court to issue judgment in Mmusi & Others v Ramantele & Others

By 9 Oct 2012May 31st, 2022Uncategorized1 min read

On Thursday, the Botswana High Court will issue judgment in Mmusi and Others v Ramantele and Others, a case challenging a customary law rule providing for male only inheritance of the family home. The judgment will address whether a rule which clearly discriminates against women violates the right to equality enshrined in the Botswana Constitution. The Court had requested the Attorney-General’s intervention in the matter. The Attorney-General argued that regardless of the fact that the rule was discriminatory, Botswana society was not ready for equality and thus the unequal rule must stand.

SALC will provide live updates from the courtroom via twitter (@Follow_SALC) on Thursday.

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