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Information enables ‘freedom from the tyranny of excessive fertility’

By 14 July 2011February 22nd, 2019Uncategorized1 min read

Insufficient knowledge about contraceptive methods and how to use them and fear of social disapproval are included as main reasons for the unmet need for family planning and contraceptives. These reasons stem from lack of access to adequate reproductive health information. According to Engender Health, the process by which an individual arrives at a decision about health care is an informed choice when it is based upon access to, and full understanding of, all necessary information from the client’s perspective. Information holders; the health care workers, the pharmacists, the nurses and the doctors need to be trained in adequately transferring up to date information that they possess on contraception and family planning methods to the public. Information in this context like in many others is power. Read this contribution ‘Freedom from the tyranny of excessive fertility’ by Matilda Lasseko to Young Women’s Voices Newsletter ‘Pepeta’ here.


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