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Namibian High Court begin trial in coerced sterilization of HIV positive women case

The case of three HIV-positive women suing the Namibian government for coerced sterilisation was continued until 1 September 2010.

The High Court in Windhoek began hearing the case of three HIV-positive women, who are suing the Namibian government for subjecting them to coerced sterilization due to their HIV status. The three women are alleging violations of their constitutional rights to dignity, freedom from cruel and inhuman and degrading treatment, freedom from discrimination, and right to found a family.

The three women at the heart of the case represent a small percentage of HIV-positive women who have claimed they were subjected to coerced sterilization in Namibia.  The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) and the Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) has documented at least fifteen such cases with many more being reported as the case is widely reported upon in the public.

SALC, is working with ICW and the (LAC), on the case.


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