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South Africa: General wanted in three countries

By 9 Jul 2010Dec 2nd, 2022International Justice2 min read

FRANCE, Rwanda and Spain had lodged extradition applications with SA for Rwandan Lt-Gen Kayumba Nyamwasa, justice and constitutional development spokesman Tlali Tlali yesterday confirmed.

SA had previously refused to confirm the identities of the countries that applied for an extradition order for the Rwandan general. SA does not have an extradition treaty with the Rwandan government.

“The matter is currently under consideration and there is no decision as yet,” Mr Tlali Tlali said.

It is unclear on what grounds the Rwandan government wants the general to be extradited.

Lt-Gen Nyamwasa formed part of the inner circle of Rwandan president Paul Kagame before the fallout that led him to flee that country earlier this year.

SA has since granted the general asylum — to the fury of human rights groups.

Calls to the Rwandan embassy went unanswered yesterday.

It is generally understood that Spain and France want to try the general for his alleged role as one of the key perpetrators of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

The French and Spanish embassies yesterday refused to confirm or deny the motivation for the extradition requests.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) said Lt-Gen Nyamwasa had been discharged from hospital after being shot by alleged foreign intelligence operatives.

SAPS spokesman Brig Govindsamy Mariemuthoo refused to divulge details of his whereabouts. He said the police were still investigating the circumstances that led to the assassination attempt .

“The suspects will be appearing in court in two weeks’ time (on July 27),” he said.

Earlier this week, SA’s envoy to Rwanda, Dumisani Gwadiso, was summoned by the Rwandan foreign ministry to convey a message to the South African government, but i nternational relations and c o-operation director-general Ayanda Ntsaluba yesterday refused to give details .

Dr Ntsaluba said the government was preparing a response to the concerns raised by Rwanda .

He reiterated SA’s position that strong action would be taken against foreign intelligence operatives who were conducting surveillance without the government’s permission.

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