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Zambia: Mandatory HIV testing of military employees

In May 2010, the High Court in Livingstone found that both petitioners, Stanley Kingaipe and Charles Chookole, were subjected to HIV testing without their informed consent in violation of their rights to privacy and to be free from inhuman and degrading treatment, and that they were entitled to damages.

Kingaipe and Chookole, former employees of the Zambian Air Force (ZAF), alleged that not only were they subjected to mandatory HIV testing, but also prescribed antiretroviral drugs without their knowledge, and dismissed due to their HIV status. The Court did not find that the ZAF  dismissed Kingaipe and Chookole due solely to their HIV status. The decision was not appealed. SALC worked with the Legal Resources Foundation of Zambia and the Zambian AIDS Law, Research  and Advocacy Network in the legal case as well as the advocacy around the case. Read the High Court judgment here.

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