Sexual and Reproductive Rights

SALC’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights programme has the following objectives:

  • To ensure a human rights approach in management of teenage/adolescent and learner pregnancy
  • To challenge the practice of child and forced marriage
  • To ensure accountability for health care violations relating to sexual and reproductive health rights
  • To promote recognition and respect for sexual and reproductive health rights
  • To challenge laws and practices that violate sexual and reproductive health rights
  • To ensure accountability for and eradication of gender-based violence.

On-going cases:

Malawi: Challenge to the arrest and removal from school of pregnant learners
Botswana: Challenging prescription in medical negligence claim 
Eswatini (Swaziland): Challenging laws allowing child marriage



Precedent cases:

Zimbabwe: Case strengthening women’s access to reproductive health services.
Namibia: Challenging coerced sterilisation of women living with HIV.
Malawi: Advancing the best interests of the child in sentencing of caregivers.
Malawi: Challenging the criminalisation of breastfeeding by women living with HIV.
Lesotho: Challenge to unfair dismissal as a result of pregnancy in the Lesotho Defence Force.


30 Nov 2018 Staff Writer
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Botswana Court Decision amounts to a Step in the Right Direction in ensuring the...

The recent decision of the Botswana Court of Appeal in the case of  GMJ v Attorney General clarifying the limits of the law regarding the  prescription of  medical negligence claims, is an important decision, not only in general, but as…

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31 Oct 2018 Staff Writer
Dynamic African Human Rights Defender wins UN Human Rights Award 2018...

SALC extends its hearty congratulations to a prolific young woman human rights defender, Rebeca Gyumi, for receiving the well-deserved UN Human Rights Award for 2018 in recognition of her work in advancing the rights of girl children. Rebeca is the…

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29 Oct 2018 Staff Writer
NEWS RELEASE: Botswana Court of Appeal Clarifies the Limits of Prescription in M...

The Botswana Court of Appeal, in the case of GMJ v Attorney General has issued a decision upholding an appeal against the decision of the High Court to dismiss a claim for damages for medical negligence on the grounds that…

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15 Jun 2018 Staff Writer
Botswana: Challenging prescription in medical negligence claim...

In January 2017, SALC supported the filing of an appeal against a High Court decision dismissing a claim for medical negligence on the grounds that too much time had elapsed between the time of the injury and when the case…

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